Our Mission

To develop and grow businesses that provide meaningful value to the Red Lake Nation

Our Vision

To be the force of economic change for the Red Lake Nation

Red Lake Builders

Red Lake Builders is based in Red Lake, Minnesota. It operates as a commercial construction that has been in existence since 1976. As a company owned and operated by the Red Lake Nation, we completed numerous construction projects throughout the United States as well for the Red Lake Nation. We will continue to take advantage of our sterling reputation as a commercial, highway/heavy and residential construction company to treat every project as an opportunity to expand its base of satisfied customers, and an opportunity to secure additional work based on customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to capitalize on our current construction strengths and minority status to build our relationships that turn into opportunity and expand our presence in the construction industry.

Red Lake Propane

Red Lake Nation Propane is a supplier of energy products for the Red Lake community since 2011. Red Lake Nation Propane is a relatively new Tribal operation that is committed to providing for the energy needs for the community. It provides products and services ranging from propane for residential and commercial customers to 20 gallon tank exchange.

Mission: Provide our customers with the finest propane products and services safely; while providing great customer service and competitive prices. We take great pride in being a tribally owned and operated business that cares about our customers, their safety, and satisfaction.

Red Lake Nation Fisheries

The Red Lake Nation Fisheries is the oldest existing enterprise of the Red Lake Nation. It has been providing freshwater walleye since 1919.

Red Lake Nation Fishery brings quality hand harvested and processed fish products that are fresh and delicious.  Our job is to sustainably manage, harvest, and prepare superior quality wild fish products to include Walleye, Yellow Perch, Crappie, Northern and Smoked White Fish which have become truly a world class product that stands in the forefront of the aquatic food industry. Our products are inspired by our American Indian culture and delivered directly to you by us or by one of our wholesalers. In doing this our tribal-owned company is helping our local economy grow, providing many jobs, and reinvesting in our community of Red Lake.

Red Lake Nation Foods

This enterprise currently operates as a subsidiary of Red Lake Farms, Inc. to market the cultivated wild rice and other specialty food products. Additional items such as mixes, popcorn, jams & jellies, herbal teas and handmade crafts are also offered to consumers who can purchase using the website: www.redlakenationfoods.com

Red Lake Farms & Red Lake Nation Foods produces and delivers high quality products that satisfy our customers and are ecologically sustainable.

Red Lake Trading Post

Red Lake Trading Post Red Lake’s Community Hub. Here, you can find full-service groceries, a deli, a salad bar, fuel, and a Subway.

Ponemah Market

In the autumn of 1988, the Ponemah Market opened for operation to provide grocery items, Laundromat and fuel sales for the Ponemah community. It is the shopping hub for the community.

Red Lake Construction

Red Lake Construction mission is: Red Lake Construction provides the highest level of workmenship while providing honest and sincere one-on-once interactions with our clients in a manner that will ensure our amazing reputation will precede Red Lake Construction LLC.

KC’s Best

Here you’ll be able to find and purchase premium wild rice – grown, harvested and cultivated in both northern Minnesota and Canada. KC’s BEST Wild Rice offers the finest quality wild rice northern Minnesota and Canada have to offer. Whether harvested by hand on lakes or rivers, or harvested by machine, both styles of wild rice are carefully grown with tradition and value in mind.

Our Businesses

We are dedicated to creating and stimulating the Red Lake Nation economy with enterprise profitability, business creation, business loyalty and job creation in accordance with the economic development and self-determination policies and plans of the Red Lake Nation.